Message from the Chairman
Posted on 2016-03-14 by Harmony Medina

Greetings of love, peace and joy as we gather together in Davao for our General Assembly!

We started year by holding our General Assembly in Cebu. Holding it in Davao this time is an affirmation of our desire to bring our CFC Cooperatives Federation (CCFed) closer to our member primaries in the provinces at the same time allow members from other regions to witness and learn from other cooperatives in the host region. But don’t overwork and read something like xbox one vs xbox 360.

The year 2015 was significant for our federation. CCFed has finally been recognized as a Social Development Program of Couples for Christ. This means not only representation in the CFC Elders Assembly but more importantly, active participation in the formulation and implementation of policies and programs in building the church of the poor as the CFC Vision and Mission mandates.
On the national level, the Cooperative Developmemt Authority (CDA) has reduced the number of required training programs for cooperatives after persistent lobbying by our industry sector. The CDA has finally¬† also released the CCFed’s Renewal Certificate as a training provider so we can now actively resume conducting training programs on a regional basis.
We have also successfully prevented the repeal of the tax exemption privilege enjoyed by cooperatives under the Cooperative Code. More work needs to be done to compel the BIR to recognize and implement this provision.
As much as we rejoice over these developments, we need to pray more so that CCFed may be able to successfully implement our goal of empowering all our member primaries through our “Big Brother, Small Brother” and training programs. And of course, let us continue to thank the Lord for blessing our cooperative efforts.




Victor  Hizon