Management Development Program
Posted on 2016-09-26 by Harmony Medina

History: MDP started its way to Tekton Entre MPC back in 2013 with the Manager Ayen Mayol when she felt the need to develop middle management leaders. That time, we produced 2 graduates and the course modules were just taken as what we felt was needed by the second line staff / officers. The in 2014, a new Manager, in the person of Mr. Ronnie Morales took over Ayen’s place when she migrated to the United States to join her husband. He too, took this course, but have not paid much attention, as I did not yet pick it up to be part of my Education Committee plans. It was in 2015 that the MDP was included in the priority plans of the EDCOM…such that the module was given due notice because of the mandate of CDA to train all cooperative leaders and management staff. Hence, revision of the course modules were aligned not only with the Coop Strategic Plans of becoming the industry leader in Labor Service Job contracting business but also with Memo Circulars of CDA on the Standard Training Curriculum. This gave birth to the revised MDP modules – with 6 chapters each chapter being independent with each other, meaning it is not a requisite that if we can not conduct the first module, we can not proceed to the next. MDP is seen as tool to enhance middle manager who are faced with leadership challenges. Middle Managers are responsible for leading administrative unit, crafting strategy, motivating staff, and allocating financial resources, but are also expected to enact the vision of senior leadership ( that is the Board of Directors) and mobilize support for broader institutional goals. To be successful, one must be adept at managing both “up” and “down” the institutional hierarchy. Objectives & purpose: In today’s rapidly changing environment, any business – whether multinational corporation, BPOs or even cooperatives - that is not investing into Professional or Management Development Course will FALL BEHIND. Tekton BODs took this challenge. We allocated funds to train and develop our employees who are the ones that produce, refine, protect, deliver and manage the products and services of the cooperative. We train them to be better equipped with knowledge, further enhance and develop work skills and hone their character, with the end in mind that they will stay will the company. MDP provides the tools and insight to think more strategically, balance competing demands on their time for work , family, and self fulfillment and engage in more forward- thinking leadership. Through case studies, small group discussions, and interactive presentations, the MDP teaches Middle Managers to think beyond their own administrative area and lead in ways that support larger Cooperative goals and objectives. Victor Lipman ( shared some of objectives of Management Development Program which I firmly believe are the same objectives of the TEMPC: 1) An employee’s relationship with his or her direct manager is the most important single factor in employee engagement. 2) ENGAGED EMPLOYEES ARE HAPPIER AND MORE PRODUCTIVE. Disengaged employees are frustrated and more disruptive. 3) Because there’s no widely agreed-on skillset for management (good managers come in all shapes and sizes), there’s an assumption everyone knows how to do it. This is akin to the one I read in the FB post going viral…..someone who’s never driven before being given keys to a car and told: “Drive.” (Many many years ago, this is how I first learned to manage. I blundered my way through it. Trial and error. It wasn’t pretty, though.) 4) The basics of sound management – clear objective setting, structured performance evaluation systems, honest and open feedback and communication, etc. – aren’t rocket science. In fact, they’re way easier than rocket science. Which is why companies ought to get them right. 5) Your young managers of today will become the leaders of tomorrow. (And if your company is just going out and hiring leaders instead of developing your own, you have to ask: Why?) TRAINING ALLOWS EMPLOYEES TO ACQUIRE NEW SKILLS, SHARPEN EXISTING ONES, PERFORM BETTER, INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY AND BE BETTER LEADERS. So, do you think Education or Training is expensive? If you say so, then try ignorance. 6) Management is often not even or not equal throughout the organization, especially among the cooperatives. We may have the outstanding ones, the okay ones, and even the downright incompetent ones who can do a lot of damage. Thus, in cooperative biz, CONSISTENCY is a good thing. 7) Respected well-trained managers boost morale, and improved morale boosts retention. Thereby, minimize, if not eliminate attrition. And as you of course know, IT’S WICKED & very EXPENSIVE TO HIRE AND FIRE. 8) Lastly, MDP can lead to LITIGATION PROTECTION. To amplify on point 7, it’s even more wickedly expensive to deal with employee lawsuits… plus the resulting bad PR. That is why, in our MDP Modules, we included the Legal Compliance – covering the Laws on Social Security System, Insurance & Health Protection, the Cooperative Laws, Revenue Regulations and most of all the coe of our business – Labor Service Laws and other regulations. 9) THE POINT is TOO IMPORTANT NOT TO EMPHASIZE. In the bigger picture, an employee’s relationship with his or her direct manager is the most important single factor in employee engagement. It all starts with this day-to-day, in-the-trenches relationship – this is the thread from which the cloth is made. If our Middle managers are doing their job (assuming of course Tekton offer a better pay than other players, then I believe, TEKTON will have a productive work force. If they’re not doing their job, look out below… and Let’s return to number 1 objective. At this juncture, I thanked the Board under the leadership of Bro. for really supporting the program from the very start to this end. I may have surprised him, kasi I elevated the ownership of the program to the level of the Federation. I did not inform him that I have written the Federation management to be the one to issue the Certificates of Completion, as I look forward this will even gain recognition to the International Credit Union Leadership Development and Education Foundation ( I-CULD & E) in London to appreciate what we at the Tekton primary coop have initiated to forward the cooperative movement. Lastly, It is our/ my hope ( being the Director for the MDP Program) that these Department Managers – Logene, Alma, Nikay, Abi, Gigi & Jojo, who will now receive their Certificates of Recognition & 2 other certificates, after they have painstakingly completed the rigors of the MDP training, will gain a deeper understanding of how different units function and will be able to incorporate broader Coop strategic considerations into their management decisions. Federation has renamed the program as COOPERATIVE MANAGEMENT DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM ( CMDP), to be relevant to our organization and become unique from the other MDP programs offered by other companies. Thank you. By: ROBERTA C. VERANO Director - HR & Education Committee / Vice Chairperson, Board of Directors Tekton Entre Multipurpose Cooperative CY 2016-2017