Loving More Through the Coop
Posted on 2016-04-13 by Harmony Medina

Couples for Christ – Cebu has shown to love more through Tekton Entre Multipurpose Cooperative.  Tekton is one of the cooperatives of CFC, a socio-economic ministry of CFC.  A cooperative is a duly registered associaton of persons with a common bond of interest, who voluntarily joined together to achieve a lawful, social or economic end by contributing an equitable capital required, and getting their fair share of the risks and benefits.  From its full name, Tekton Entre Multipurpose Cooperative, Tekton is a cooperative and a business undertaking.  Members are the entrepreneurs, co-owners and co-workers.  The word “Tekton” is a Greek term referring to Jesus as a Carpenter.

Tekton Cebu started its operation in March 1, 2005.  In the beginning, only members of Couples for Christ have contributed to the required capital of the cooperative.  The pioneering members of Tekton organized themselves and formed a board of directors led by the first Chairman of the Board, the late Bro. Dante Cuales.  It was during this time that these leaders felt the need to help students finish their studies, especially going through college, by becoming working students.  Thus, giving employement to students in order for them to finsh their education became an inspiration for the leaders of Tekton to go into this “coop job contracting” business.  While income is important for the business, Tekton’s primary goal is to provide employement.  Tekton believes that when the economic and education needs are addressed, it is easier to nourish the spiritual needs.

Tekton Entre Multipurpose Cooperative became a labor service cooperative engaged in job-contracting.  It provides employees for clients, most of which are in the food industry (like Jollibee stores).  These employees automatically become members of the cooperative after they have undergone the values formation program and the SMES.   Employees are enjoined to allocate a portion of their earnings to the Voluntary Savings Deposit (VSD) scheme, which will earn dividends at the end of each year on the amount they saved.  Last year, they earned dividends of 15%.  They can only put in a maximum of P15,000.00 as VSD and the rest becomes their special savings which earns interest of 6% per annum.  Whenever they need urgent money for tuition and other school needs, they can loan from the VSD.

At present, only 152 of Cebu CFC members are cooperators of Tekton.  Many of them have volunteered to get involved in the operation.   Members of the board of directors and officers handling important committees are active leaders of CFC Cebu.

There are over 4,000 members of Tekton who are workers of client companies.  Tekton is currently serving 103 Jollibee company-owned stores and many other companies like Chowking, Greenwich, Human Nature, Abensons, and many other in the Visayas and Mindanao areas.  Provinces and cities where Tekton is operational are as follows: Catbalogan, Iloilo, Bacolod, Cebu, Butuan, Dumaguete, Cagayan de Oro, Ozamiz, Davao, Zamboanga, and General Santos.

During its annual general meetings, Tekton honors the employees who have successfully graduated from college.  Some members who have become professionals and are already working in the Philippines and abroad come to share their experiences, thanking Tekton for the opportunity and inspiring other members to pursue their studies until they finish and achieve their desired goals.

Guided by spiritual values learned and developed through the teachings of Couples for Christ, Tkton has made “helping others” as its moral responsiblity.  Some of the values considered important for the member-workers in their work are: professionalism, quality service, and work excellence through teamwork.   As a business entity, Tekton values business partnership, legal compliance, and business integrity.

Tekton envisions itself as a model in faith in the business community, a model to other manpower services.   As such, Tekton tries to infuse Christian values at the workplace by educating the workers through values formation and through other Christian teachings from CFC.

The Mission Statement of Tekton is “to render quality and dependable service by providing competent staff and workers, adhering to dignity, self-esteem, Christian values and ethical work attitudes to affiliates and clients,  and to sustain a God -based cooperative that  continually provides livelihood to it members.”

Through Tekton’s ten years of service, CFC-Cebu has indeed loved more and will continue to love even more in the years to coe.  Praise God for blessing CFC with Tekton!