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The 12th annual general assembly of the CFC Co-operatives Federation (CCFED) was held in the “magayon” or beautiful city of Legazpi in the province of Albay. The assembly is set such that each year a different big island (Visayas, Luzon or Mindanao) hosts the event. Last year it was in Mindanao (Davao City) and in the year previous to that was in the Visayas (Cebu City).   Thus, this year, it was the turn of Luzon. The General Assembly was scheduled for March 4, 2017 and held at DepEd Lignon Hills, Legazpi City. The federation is composed of 45 primaries spread all over the country and so far these assemblies are well-attended. Part of the things being done during the assembly is the so-called Lakbay Aral where cooperatives in the area with success stories are visited. From these “arals” substantial learnings are earned enough to encourage member-primaries to continue working with increased zeal for the cooperative movement in the CFC community in spite of the challenges that they presently face. Thus, the Lakbays Aral were done the day before, March 3, 2017. First to be visited was the Gubat St. Anthony Cooperative (GSAC) in Gubat, Sorsogon. The place is more than an hour drive from Legazpi City. We were given a kind welcome by some of the cooperative’s Board and Executive Officers who were present. It was a Thursday thus a working day for them but they found time to give briefing to inspire their guests. GSAC started with only over P20 thousand pesos years back through the encouragement of the local Catholic Church through its then parish priest. Today, anytime soon this year, it is hoping to make its P1B mark in assets and resources. We were informed, that many difficulties were met but challenged head on. Several branches and satellite offices now dot the nearby municipalities in the Bicol area to serve their members both regular and associates. The Open Forum portion provided more information and even inspirations from the stories they told us. The stories were about failures and victories.  


GSAC Head Office in Gubat, Sorsogon


A very all-inclusive Welcome since the Federation indeed is composed of several Board of Directors. from 45 different primary-cooperatives.



GSAC top officers field questions during the Open Forum.



GSAC & CCFED representatives pose for posterity.




Then we went to Enterprise Alumni Development Cooperative (EADCOOP) located in downtown and public market of Daraga, Albay.  

This is the kind of cooperative where prospective members need to be well-versed with business principles including basic bookkeeping to be accepted in as regular members. The reason for this is so that everyone in the cooperative is of “one-mind” about the imperatives of entrepreneurship. Prospective members, if they are not graduates of entrepreneurship or any business courses from Bicol University (or any college/university) will have to undergo 3 to 4 required courses. This requirement is outside the coop’s needed PMES. Also, each course will cost P400. 00 per. The success of EADCOOP is the well-structured education/knowledge foundation about entrepreneurship that is compulsory to all. And proofs of their successes are the several trophies and awards they have received from various award giving bodies that recognize achievements in business. The significant number of goods being displayed and sold in the public market of Daraga by the members of EADCOOP is also a validation of that success. Read feeds the way you like while google reader and other rss apps usually only let you read feeds in rss view, newsblur includes a unique interface that shows the original site with the rss feed listed underneath.  

The welcome was formal and the briefing was business-like. Officers from the Board of Directors of EADCOOP and executive officers gave time to listen to our queries.  



The Head Office of EADCOOP is strategically located in the Public Market of Daraga, Albay


The Welcome

The gracious hosts.


CCFED Representatives serious to learn how to be successful in Cooperativism.


EADCOOP & CCF in a pose for posterity.










The General Assembly proper was attended by 16 of its 45 members. The primaries represented were:

  1. Ibalon Co-ops for Christ Multi-purpose Cooperative
  2. Coops for Christ – Antique
  3. Coops for Christ Bohol Multipurpose Cooperative
  4. Coops for Christ Camarines Norte
  5. Coops for Christ Camarines Sur
  6. Cooperatives for Christ Cavite
  7. Coops for Christ – Cebu
  8. CFC Davao Multi Purpose Cooperative
  9. Coops for Christ Iloilo
  10. Couples for Christ Multi Purpose Cooperative Laguna I
  11. Co-ops for Christ Leyte Multi-purpose Cooperative
  12. Co-ops for Christ
  13. MP Cooperative of Couples for Christ Masbate
  14. Coops for Christ Misamis Oriental
  15. Co-ops for Christ Southern Leyte Multipurpose Cooperative
  16. Tekton EntreWorkers Multi Purpose Cooperative


The assembly started off with the usual worship led by BOD member Jorge Asensi who turned out to become the Masters of Ceremonies, Moderator and everything else for the entire duration of the activities. We remembered during the worship the former Chairman of Coops for Christ Albay who was instrumental in the preparation of this event locally. He was our Bro. Bogs Bognalos.   He died several days ago before the assembly came to be staged.  

Local CFC leaders came to welcome all the delegates. PAD Gani Arevalo gave the Welcome Address. The presence of PAH Vic Alvarez already inspired everyone then he took the microphone for his Inspirational Message.  

The assembly proper was called to order by Chairman Bing Hizon.  

Followed the usual course of business that took up the accomplishments of the past year, the current standing of the Federation, the plans and thrusts to be done in the current year, the budget and other matters that were included in the agenda.  

There was also a presentation by a Federation member of its business activities. This was from the Couples for Christ Multi Purpose Cooperative Laguna I.  

Then election of new set of members of the Board of Directors was held. Secret balloting and open canvassing was how it was done. The result of the election:


Re-elected into the Board were Bing Hizon of CoFC Manila, Pito de Castro of CoFC Cebu and Edwin Chavez of Tekton Entre MPC of Cebu. Newly elected are Obet Martin of CoFC Cavite and Joseph Manlapaz of CoFC Masbate.  

Holdover BOD Members are Voie Soliban of CoFC Davao, Bong Bautista of CoFC Agusan del Norte, Zos Tayaban of CoFC Laguna and Jorge Asensi of CoFC Southern Leyte.  

The General Assembly next year will now go to the big island of the Visayas. Perhaps, Antique, Bohol or Iloilo will host it next time.  


MIGS thus entitled to vote and be voted upon.


The canvassing and tallying of votes.


The Winners.


The members of the Board of Directors of the CFC Co-operatives Federation (CCFED)


CCFED General Assembly representatives pose for the memories.