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Q&A with Congressman Cres Paez:

Mely Verano: Presented the introduction of Tekton Entre Multi Purpose Cooperative

Pito De Castro:  Narrated the CoFC profile

Edwin C:  Projected the active web browser on screen and open the CFC-CCF website. Presented  a short tour of the website and pointed to header where About Us menu is visible, explained its sub-menu at length, educating Cong Cres Paez as to what the CCF Federation is all about.

Cong Paez: What is the nature of your coop?

Tekton: For CoFC, it is close coop with its membership derived from the Community Couples for Christ.

For Tekton Entre MPC, the leadership is from CFC, the service crews are the non-CFC members of the coop who are exposed to values formation of CFC and are invited to join the community. This is what we call a backdoor evangelization. Service crews are strongly motivated, encouraged to pursue their college education to open the door to a better future. To support that, we provided an interest free educational and medical renewal loans.

Cong Paez: What is population of Cebu CFC?

Pito de Castro: about 20,000 individuals

Cong Paez: What is membership of Coop?

Pito de Castro:  about 2,000 for CoFC, 3200+ for Tekton Entre MPC

Cong Paez: Membership penetration for CoFC is about 10% then. CoFC operated for more than a decade already and with that membership performance, you have to do something different or else you can not expect a dramatic change in the future.

Tekton & Pito: Amen to that

Cong Paez: This is where Merger and Consolidation can play the role of expansionism. Smaller primaries to operate like branches of bigger primaries. The lesser the primaries, the better. The bigger the primaries, the stronger it is to become.  My office is working along this line, CDA will be funded to assist in the Merger and Consolidation process.  The existing BODs of smaller coops will become advisory boards to maintain their status in the coop while the chairpersons of the advisory boards could become BOD in the primaries.  Your federation cannot only syndicate funding to primaries but can also act as Strategic Third Party Investor. Big Primaries can also act as  STPI where funds can be channeled to provide this type of services.

Pito & Tekton:  This is interesting, we can help you on this congressman by assisting or working with technical working group to lay down the groundwork.

Cong Paez:  Here is the name and the contact numbers of my staff. I will get in touch with your group as soon the congress will resume.

Discussion with regards to Tekton’s CTE:  Stay tune for the next posting. Bye for now, Edwin C.

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