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I. Establishment of an Office to enhance corporate image and presence in the community:

  1. Permanent CCF Office location and address (corporate identity)
  2. Presence of CCF Offices in LUZON , VISAYAS & MINDANAO
  3. CCF as a successful computerized institution, a model of financial management and “on-line” data base system  (internal)

 II. The CCF shall be a competent and reliable Training Institution

  1. CCF Training Institute for Cooperatives in the Philippines
  2. CCF will be the preferred training cooperative institution
  3. CCF will be the foremost training provider of Christian Values-Based Cooperatives in the Philippines

III. The CCF to identify Business opportunities  and  engage into business that will benefit primary members and in the process generate hard cash for the Federation, such as:

  1.  A dependable conduit for money remittances –  at par with MH Lhuillier  Kuarta Padala scheme.
  2. An exchange center for “One-Province ; One-Product ” business concept.
  3. Market provider for CFC members’  Products under the CFC ANCOP Convenanted Enterprises ( C-ACE) program
  4. CCF will be the leading federation in developing successful business enterprises  for the benefit of C-ACE program                i. CCF will be the leading promoter of entrepreneurship for poverty alleviation under “isip negosyo-pusong Kristiyano”
  5. CCF as successful franchisee of major food chains such as Jollibee and McDonald’s
  6. A business syndication promoter
  7. As a  Centre for Business Processing Outsourcing ( BPO )
  8. CCF will be the leading exponent of resource-sharing principle among cooperatives

IV. Engagement in Other Services

  1. As a SERVICE PROVIDING INSTITUTION, to be among Top 5 in the country. CCF will be an outsourced-provider  for manpower needs of various enterprises and industries in the Philippines.

 V. Establishment of  international Linkages and Network

  1. Membership in CCF International COOP Network
  2. CCF  to tie up with an International Coop Federation

 VI. Maintenance of  Sound Financial Position and Financial Stability

  1. Launch a CCF-Wide fund raising
  2. Target a P5. 0 M budget – membership & CBU
  3. Develop CCF as an institution of Financial Sustainability

 VII. Provision of  Finance-related  services

  1. CCF will be the investment arm of member-primaries with idle funds. The increase in individual membership, increases collective CBU’s Financial provider for Primary’s social enterprises

 VIII. Becoming a model organization

  1. CCF will be the most respected Catholic Cooperative federation
  2. CCF will be a  CDA model of a cooperative that is compliant with  rules and regulations
  3. CCF will be the model of cooperative governance among coop federations

 IX. Provision of Social benefits thru CISP & other Coops/ insurance companies

  1. Health care and retirement benefits to CoFC Primaries (Thru the CCF like CISP MABS)
  2. CCF will piggyback ride on existing facilities    for hospital, mortuary or  memorial garden services. The paul smith of london sleeves feature smith’s classic multi-stripe pattern in two colorways one in bright shades of red orange, yellow and blue, and one in more subdued shades of green, brown, tan, and aqua and phone tracker app sell for 17, or roughly $28, each.

 X. Linkage with IC and the entire CFC Community.

  1. Increase in membership and CBU – P5M budget/ year