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Your CCF wish to see the entire Philippine Archipelago on Fire.  On fire with our passion to help the less privileged families of our brothers and sisters in the community move on and improve their respective quality of lives through our Christian economic movement, the Coops for Christ Co-operatives.

The Coops for Christ Co-operatives can play the active role in developing businesses that will bring about benefits to all its members or co-operators.

The recent General Assembly meeting explored those possibilities. A 5-year development program was re-stated and presented to the body by no less than the Chairperson himself, Bro. Bing Hizon.

The CCF website in formally launched that opens the door to the many opportunities to come our way. A better linkage to all member-primaries is envisioned to come into reality with the use of available digital technologies that we have today. The internet and the social media networking will play the vital role in our quest to help the families of our brothers and sisters in the community who are in dire need of economic assistance.

The business development in short Biz Dev’t presented the potential businesses that member-primaries can participate and join the bandwagon to progress.

Among the potential businesses, the following were presented;

  1. Travel and Tours
  2. Bed and Breakfast
  3. Kwarta Padala
  4. My Pasalubong

To validate these potential businesses, our website will publish the business plan template as a tool in building a feasibility study.

We would like to encourage every member-primary to intensify their respective business activities to fulfil our mission.

Let us all get into synch.

Bro EdwinC

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