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A free livelihood & apprenticeship program

Eggs – scrambled, omelet, fried, hard boiled etc. – is a staple breakfast food of Filipino families.   Not counting the eggs consumed used in bread, pastries, desserts and other viands.  Based on Bureau of Agricultural Statistics for 2012, an average Filipino consumes 3.844 kl of eggs per year.

The chicken egg prices for the past five years have been steady at P4.8 per piece.  The chicken egg value of production in 2013 increased by 2.11% or P38.3M against 2012.   These statistics shows that even though the prices have not changed, the demand is steadily increasing.

Chicken & eggegg


There is now an opportunity for a budding entrepreneur interested in egg production to learn from a farmer with more than 30 years of experience.  Bro. Rudy Lubis, an active CFC leader in Batangas and Program Head of ANCOP Livelihood is offering a FREE 1-MONTH APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAM in his poultry farm.  The apprentice will be taught the fundamentals in egg production such as taking care of the layers (hens), feeds preparation, sorting of eggs, chicken coop set- up   etc.

So, if you are thinking or looking for a business on where to place your hard-earned money, this is a great opportunity to explore!

Anyone interested in this opportunity may contact the CFC Co-operatives Federation (CCF ) Secretariat through 02-2884100 or email us at cfccoopfed@gmail.com.



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