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Lakbal Aral to ACDI Multi Purpose Cooperative

On February 10, 2017, about 30 delegates from CCFed, Coops for Christ Manila, Cooperatives for Christ Cavite, Couples for Christ MPC Laguna 1, Tekton, CFC ANCOP Global Foundation and Co-ops for Christ Southern Leyte MPC visited ACDI Multi Purpose Cooperative for a Lakbay Aral. The delegates spent the morning learning about ACDI’s best practices and […]

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Brief Story of Co-ops for Christ Camarines Norte

Early 1999, Couples for Christ (CFC) Head Office mandated all CFC in the province to put up a cooperative as CFC has brought all sectors of society; rich, poor, middle class, professionals, entrepreneurs, skilled, unskilled, employed, unemployed which will carry out CFC Mission, “Bring good news to the poor.” CFC Camarines Norte leaders, with passion […]

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Coops Travel and Tours

The idea on Coops Travel & Tours started on the 10th Anniversary Promo-Trip to Hongkong for 2 which was participated by 21 members last Oct. 24-26, 2014.  Last  March  2015,  COFCQMPC  filed its amendment  on the  Articles of Cooperation, TRAVEL  & TOUR as its additional business and was approved last November 2015. Dir. Manuel Traqueña […]

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Management Development Program

History: MDP started its way to Tekton Entre MPC back in 2013 with the Manager Ayen Mayol when she felt the need to develop middle management leaders. That time, we produced 2 graduates and the course modules were just taken as what we felt was needed by the second line staff / officers. The in […]

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